US grassroots adoption: the Bitcoin Lightning party in Portland

Clay Graham, founder and enthusiast of Rapaygo’s Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN), believes there is “grassroots evidence” that America is adopting Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Lightning Festival was held in Portland, United States. Over the weekend, the Bitcoin LN ran more than $200 (four millions Sats) in three hours.

Portland’s Bitcoin Party is referred to as “Puddle Town” on Lightning Rails. It was described as a place where vendors, food carts and artists accept Bitcoin. Graham also said that there was a “food pod” that was used as a business attraction for Bitcoin enthusiasts who desire a Bitcoin beach experience.

The “mobile Bitcoin Development Lab for embedded Research and Development” Source: Graham

Fiat money was not allowed and Dennis Porter, a popular Bitcoiner, MC’d the festival. He demonstrated how simple it is to use the LN to pay for goods in this tweet:

To accept #Bitcoin immediately for my shirts, I didn’t pay any fees. Visa can do that?
Dennis Porter (@Dennis_Porter_), March 28, 2022

Graham stated to Cointelegraph that the event would be considered a success if people could use Bitcoin as freely as fiat.

“50 people spent over 4M sats within 3 hours, 3 food carts, and 7 vendors selling whatever they want while supporting use cases such as ‘tipping DJ’.

Graham said that the LN made it easy to pay at the party: it was cheaper than cash, easier than cards, and had tons of fun on sunny days.

Dennis Porter was the MC at the event, in front of The Bitcoin Standard books and Bitcoin T-shirts. Source: Twitter

The LN is a layer-2 payment network that runs on top of Bitcoin’s base chain. It’s ideal for parties. Pubinno, which is behind Lightning pour a pint, was created with festivals in mind. LNBits create open-source payment tools such as split payments tools and offline solutions to make payments technology even more seamless.

LN tech was used at the festival to enable fast printing of receipts. Twitter

Tiago Vasconcelos is the cofounder of Aceita Bitcoin. She also contributed LNBits FOSS to Cointelegraph.

The LN is all you need to connect to the internet. There is no card swipe hardware, cash or need to change currency, even if there are many foreigners at the venue.

LNBits is a free open-source solution that uses the LN. It closely competes with Mastercard and Visa. Vasconcelos states that “network fees are almost zero or even zero and are ultimately paid by the customer not the merchant!” Furthermore, Vasconcelos says that LN lowers the risks and costs of Mastercard or Visa use.

Some Bitcoiners even want to see Graham and learn more about the LN.

The LN is fast, transactions can be cleared as quickly as cards so buyers and sellers don’t have to feel the ‘where’s my money’ feeling. They are simply trying to have fun and enjoy a sunny day.

Festival snacks and trinkets with LN QR codes Graham

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It’s also a payment network that supports artists, people who make stuff with their own hands, and small businesses.

Graham, following Portland’s success, added that Kansas city had already reached out to him about how to boilerplate the party using his company’s solutions.

“Remember, that Bitcoin beach el Salvador declared legal tender within a year. We can now have Bitcoin beach at every place.