PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel says he ‘underinvested’ in Bitcoin

Peter Thiel, PayPal founder and billionaire venture capitalist, said that he should have purchased more Bitcoin as Bitcoin (BTC), hit a new record high of $67,000.

Bloomberg reported that Thiel discussed cryptocurrencies, central bank and artificial intelligence (AI), during a Miami interview hosted by Lincoln Network. Bloomberg reported Oct. 20.

Thiel stated, “Youre supposed just to buy Bitcoin,” and added: “I feel like ive been underinvested.”

According to the tech investor, his main concern when buying Bitcoin was that it was “previously known by everyone.” He added that he believes the answers to this question are still long. He suggested that it might still be enough of a secret.

Thiel stated that the recent Bitcoin rally is a major concern for global central bankers. Thiel stated that the cryptocurrencys recent surge to new historic highs “surely shows us that we are in a complete bankruptcy time for the central banks.”

Thiel also criticised AI in the interview as an opponent of cryptos force for centralization. Thiel stated that AI, particularly the low-tech surveillance form, was “essentially communist” and that it is technology that “will destroy the world.”

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Thiel, one of the most vocal supporters of Bitcoin, claimed that Bitcoin was the first currency to succeed in 2014. Thiel is also well-known for calling Bitcoin “a hedge to the whole world falling apart”. He claimed that Bitcoin was the currency of 2014.

PayPal, founded by Thiel in 1998, has been investing in crypto for the past year. Last October, the company announced that it would allow users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. PayPal has since launched crypto services in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.