Inflation fears or ETF driving Bitcoin price? The Market Report is live with Big Cheds

Benton Yaun, Cointelegraph analyst, and Marcel Pechman, resident market experts Jordan Finneseth & Marcel Pechman will be presenting the latest news from the markets this week. This weeks market news breakdown will provide an overview of what you can expect:

Are Bitcoin (BTC), exchange-traded funds (ETFs) driving the price up? Or are other factors involved? In just two days, the first ever Bitcoin futures ETF reached a record-breaking $1 million in assets under management. What will the impact of additional ETFs on Bitcoins price? Is an Ether (ETH ETF) possible? ETH is currently within reach of its $4500 all-time high. Is BTC leading ETH or vice versa What will be the next price for ETH?

Special guest Big Cheds then shares his technical analysis of trending charts. He discusses the factors that he considers when trading and what altcoins he should be watching.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a platform that allows crypto traders to stay ahead of the market. The Cointelegraph experts identified two altcoins this week using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

Next, Pechman will explain what the Bitcoin futures ETF is and how it works. He explains how futures contracts enable investors to leverage their bets using simple examples.

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