Happy Birthday, Bitcoin! Industry players share a few words

Cointelegraph collected birthday messages from key industry figures to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin (BTC), which has seen its hash rate rise to an all-time high, has now entered its teenage years. Industry experts weigh in on the future of Bitcoin.

Beimnet Abebe is vice president of principal trading for Galaxy Digital.

Bitcoin was first released 13 years ago. Although Bitcoins creation was not celebrated, it attracted the attention of a few esoteric programmers. However, the release of this currency would be monumental. It would allow anyone anywhere to have digitally scarce money and open the doors to the protocols that would power the next generation of the internet.

Hassan Bassiri is vice president, portfolio management at Arca Funds.

“BTC is the gateway drug that opened everyones eyes to the potential value of digital assets. We can expect to see more people enter the BTC ecosystem and make it a more profitable asset in terms lend/borrow, yield, and research opportunities.

Laura Vidiella is a business development strategist who was previously vice president for institutional sales at Paradigm.

“The BTC ecosystem will see an increase in capital and products in 2022.” Traditional entities are investing more capital in yield-generating strategies that they are familiar with due to the increased availability of structured products and derivatives.

Ian Kane, cofounder and CEO at Unbanked

Its creation was beyond time zones, borders, or governments and it financially empowered millions across the globe. It is a testimony to human ingenuity, and that anyone (or any group of people) can create something that has a greater impact than them. As everyone strives to make Bitcoin a standard, the next 13 years will be more impactful than the previous.

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Marc Yaklofsky is the head of communications at Genesis Global Trading.

Continue on, Bitcoin! Continue on, Bitcoin!”

Rich Rosenblum, founder and CEO of GSR Markets

“Its appropriate that Bitcoin celebrates its bar mitzvah today. It will celebrate its first year as an ETF and see widespread adoption and participation. Mazel Tov!”

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Nayib Bukele (the president of El Salvador) speculated that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 this year.

2022 predictions for #Bitcoin. *Will reach $100k. *2 additional countries will adopt it. *This will become a major electoral issue during the US elections. *Bitcoin City construction will begin. *Volcano bonds are expected to be highly sought-after.
— Nayib Buukele (@nayibbukele), January 2, 2022

BTC was at $46,100 as of the publication date, and it was below $47,000 when it rang in the new Year. The asset has made great strides in terms of security and adoption, regardless of whether youre bullish or bearish.