Can Bitcoin rally in December? | Tune in now to The Market Report w/ Gareth Soloway

Benton Yaun, Cointelegraph analyst, and Marcel Pechman, resident market experts Jordan Finneseth & Marcel Pechman will be presenting the latest market news this week. This weeks market news breakdown will provide an overview of what you can expect:

Bitcoin (BTC), which has fallen only 17% from its high, has seen the shallowest correction so far in the year. This could indicate that we are on track to see a Santa Claus rally in December. This is the first time the model has failed to meet its closing target in its 10 year history. However, the creator isn’t giving up. He will give it another month to fix. Is it panic about the coronavirus, or other factors that contributed to its failure? Money seems to continue pouring into Metaverse. Metaverse projects combined sold land for $106 million last week. This is the next big thing in the space of nonfungible tokens (NFT).

The market news update is followed by a chat with Gareth Soloway, special guest, about the current Bitcoin market cycle and inflation. Also, how would the S&P 500 affect cryptocurrencies in the case of crashing.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a platform that allows crypto traders to stay ahead of the market. The Cointelegraph experts identified two altcoins this week using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

Pechman, a Cointelegraph Markets analyst, discusses the reasons why Bitcoins recent correction may have been caused by regulatory uncertainty. The US Secretary Janet Yellen, as well as the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, have both expressed the urgent need for a regulatory framework. On Nov. 12, VanEcks proposal for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds fund was rejected by the SEC. Are there any prospects for regulatory clarity within the next six-months?

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