Bitcoin pushes for $50K! Is the downtrend finally over? | Tune in now to The Market Report w/ Sam Bourgi

Benton Yaun, Cointelegraph analyst, and Marcel Pechman, resident market experts Jordan Finneseth & Marcel Pechman will be presenting the latest news from the markets this week. This week’s market news breakdown will provide an overview of what you can expect:

After the Federal Reserve announced that it would increase interest rates and reduce its bond-buying program, Bitcoin’s price soared to $49,000. This announcement had a significant impact on Bitcoin. Six top executives from major crypto companies appeared before the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on December 8. The positive response from Washington has made crypto look more ready to do business with the government. A tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk caused DOGE to gain 25%. Do you think DOGE will become the only cryptocurrency that Tesla merch can be purchased with?

The market news update is followed by a conversation with Sam Bourgi, Cointelegraph’s business editor, about the current state of the markets, inflation rates and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). They also discuss whether or not we should be preparing for the metaverse boom.

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform allows crypto traders to keep one step ahead. This week, Cointelegraph experts identified two altcoins: Helium’s NTC and FLUX.

Pechman, a Cointelegraph market analyst, explains how smart contract platforms can be analyzed.

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