Bitcoin ‘dormant’ for 7+ years moved right before BTC price dropped 5%

Bitcoin (BTC), which plunged $3,000 in the morning of April 1, was accompanied by a well-anticipated pullback.

The Whale Shadows indicator revealed that over 11,000 BTC had suddenly disappeared from its wallet on March 29. It had previously been there for the majority of a decade.

Dormant coins echo December 2017

Whale Shadows is a concept by Philip Swift that tracks coins that are active again after a significant amount of time being out of circulation.

The metric is tuned to record 100 BTC or less leaving their long-term bank account. Previously spikes in this metric coincided with what Swift calls “major highs” of price.

He noted that there was “a significant movement on-chain yesterday with +10k BTC finally moving after being stagnant for 7-10 years.”

This spike, which is described as involving 7-9 years of dormant bitcoins on Swift’s analytics website, LookIntoBitcoin (a Bitcoin-related site), is one the largest in Bitcoin’s history.

Old coins have never moved on this scale before in December 2017, when BTC/USD reached an all-time high, which would be unbeaten for three more years.

Chart of the Bitcoin Whale Shadows. Source: LookIntoBitcoin

However, Twitter users had a wide range of opinions about the significance and impact of the latest event.

i It is possible that the massive number of activated dormant #BTC mentioned in previous posts could be linked to the #Cryptsy theft/hack.
— Whale Alert (@whale_alert), March 29, 2022

Swift claimed that the funds were linked to a hack of Cryptsy’s cryptocurrency exchange in 2014. Others disagree.

Nunya Bizniz, a popular user, further pointed out that the spike occurred after Bitcoin fell to its $69,000 highs and not before.

The past 3 were moved before substantial corrections. Why do you believe this is happening after a substantial correction
— Nunya Bizniz (@Pladizow) March 31, 2022

Bitcoin cannot escape the Ides of March

Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin was a hot commodity. It reached its highest level of 2022 and gained as much as 29.4% in the three months between March lows, highs, and highs.

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Pentoshi, a popular trader, still considered the possibility of a trip to over $50,000 next.

However, Crypto Ed’s outlook was not as bright. After failing to maintain his support zone at $45,000 and the $46,200 annual open, Bitcoin now faced a deep retracement and reentry into its established trading range.

#BTC will perform a complete retrace of previous pumps in case the green box fails to hold. Like every pump in the current ….cycle, back to the demand zone.
— Ed_NL (@Crypto_Ed_NL), March 31, 2022

Whales on Bitfinex previously caught the attention of investors with a sell barrier near spot prices. This was one that bulls managed to temporarily overcome.

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