Bitcoin cycle is far from over and miners are in it for the long haul: Fidelity report

Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto wing Fidelity Investments that manages $4.2 trillion in assets, shared their “two sats,” on the future development of digital assets. These key points focused on miners behavior as well as Bitcoin (BTC), network adoption.

The group released its annual report last week and shared some insights into BTC mining.

“Bitcoin miners have the greatest financial incentive to predict the value and adoption of BTC (…), so the current cycle is not over. These miners are investing for the long-term.”

According to the report, the 2021 recovery in hash rate “was truly amazing” especially when you consider that China is the second-largest country in the world and banned Bitcoin in 2021. BTCs increased hash power, which is “more widely distributed throughout the world”, has led to a rebound in the hash rate that has occurred since the ban. This shows miners are focused on long-term profit.

These statements are consistent with the recent selling performance of miners. The key on-chain metrics indicate that Bitcoin miners are in “massive accumulation” mode. Miners have no desire to sell.

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Fidelity had some interesting predictions about orange-pilling whole countries. They predicted that more nation-states would accept BTC as legal currency.

“There is a very high-stakes strategy at work here. If bitcoin adoption increases, countries that have secured bitcoin today will be more competitive than their peers. It wouldnt surprise us if other sovereign nations acquire bitcoin by 2022, or if a central bank makes an acquisition.

These comments were made by Tongas former MP, who suggested that the country might adopt BTC in 2022.

The essence of this is that more regulation and better products will open the crypto space and “bring a greater proportion of the hundreds of trillions of traditional assets into digital asset ecosystem,” which, when combined with the hodling of miners, could extend the cycle and propel BTC to new heights.